Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I first heard about Tiny Texas Houses  through
 Sharon at Sweet Repose. Her true love for them was contagious.
I would read her posts on Facebook, and pretty soon started following
TTH on Facebook  myself.
Every time they would post pictures I was blown away.
Not just by the pictures, but also by the concept and vision
of  Tiny Texas Houses.
Each small house is built almost entirely from recycled
and repurposed materials.
Old beadboard, leaded glass windows, corbels and trim.......yum!
Each piece of this old hardware that they use is
a piece of art in itself.
I think another reason I am so taken with these small structures is
that one of my Great Grandmothers lived in a very tiny
house. I can still remember going to see her and
being amazed that anyone could live in such a tiny little space.
It seemed almost like a doll house to me.
Although as I remember her, she herself was not a lot bigger than a child.
Don't you love it!?
These tiny little houses are really amazing!
Check them out........................Tiny Texas Houses
"Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love"
Willie Nelson / sung by Waylon Jennings


  1. A child of any age would love one of these! Unless...you say they're tiny TEXAS houses. That might mean they're the same size as my normal English house.

  2. I really love these, they're perfect. They really capture that dolls house made large fantasy that little girls have. They also look like the place Doris Day lived in in Calamity Jane!

  3. TOTALLY hooked and researching constantly, the whole concept of the village I'm totally loving and as I find more sites into tiny houses, I see that villages are a thing in the planning all over the states, talk about a tiny footprint, but I'll need a tiny studio out back to make all my shit...right!

  4. Oh how cool! I will ck out your link!

  5. Oh I love the tiny house concept...the hubby & I have been talking about it alot lately...These tho are amazing...& I LOVE that it recycles the antique fixtures...Thanks for posting the link on this...


  6. i love this i wish it was closer to me it is like my shop i dint even think about it i want to build one in my dads old machine shed