Saturday, January 26, 2013


                                    In one of the floral shops I used to work in , when someone had an arrangement that they just couldn't quite be satisfied with, and  it seemed like they were          "working" it to death  .........finally one of us would say "you need to declare that piece done and walk away!!"
                                         That's been the story of this collage:

I hung this about 2 years ago, knowing it wasn't done.
Everytime I walked past it, I would look at it and tell it.....
"you aren't done".
This week after some adding.....some deleting,
some fiddling around......
I think I am finally ready to
"declare it done."
Moving on..........


  1. Totally Understand how that feels- Very Creative you are- There is a shop next to mine that carries art similar to that and charges $3000 and up for them..
    Great Blog, happy to find you

  2. Well I really like how the Collage turned out, but I can certainly relate to the Temptation to overwork a Creation, or at the very least to overthink it. Sometimes an objective opinion helps me too... when Family or a Friend sees something I'm working on and I'm really Tempted to keep adding to it... and they become the voice of Reason to declare it done and walk away! *Winks* The most Humorous thing is that the G-Son would often remind me, on a Commissioned Piece, about the Client's Taste versus mine... knowing that if left to my own devices, every piece would end up over-the-top and excessive! So he'd remind me to keep it Tasteful or not quite so Bohemian and Avant Garde *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Gayle, for some reason i thought of you today when i saw this website.

    These purses are made with Navajo rugs that are no longer whole. It seems like i remember seeing some in your "thrifted" posts. Wish I had some to cut up! Enjoy and happy 2013!


  4. I feel your pain, but it amazes me how things sell, even when I didn't like the finished product...we're our own worst enemy...but it's way cool anyway!

  5. It's cool ... I like to revisit old work as well... sometimes you just have to wait for the right time...

  6. Another beautiful creation, my friend! I also know what you mean about working things to death. It transfers over into writing, too. My husband can't seem to stop editing his novels. We must all learn the word, "ENOUGH!"

    I love looking at your work, Gayle.

  7. I know that feeling well! I really love this, it's very Cornell-esque! x

  8. I have done the same have to almost force yourself to say...this is enough LOL Love the collage tho Gayle...very intersting piece..I always love the old measuring tapes...I have one that I am waiting to use ...:)


  9. Love it when art comes together. I BET you'll fiddle with it more though. You sound done...but not satisfied. :)