Monday, May 28, 2012


Free Tibet......

Ever since I became aware of The Prayer Flag Project
I wanted to make one .
It was perfect for me to do one for Tibet
since that is where prayer flags originated and also
since that is a cause that is so important to me. 
For the main body of the flag I used some of the 
indian mirror fabric leftover from when I made my  bag
Since so many Tibetans have taken refruge in
India, that seemed to work for me.

I added this little bit of cutwork
embroidery that I picked up at smashingrubbish.
Not sure of the exact origin of this cutwork/ handwork, but Jennette and I both think
it is from that part of the world.

I decided to sew a ring over the ladys earring,
and to use it to hang my prayers from.
There is room so I will probably add more in the future.

It is hanging out in my garden,
where I hope the bells on it will tell me when
the breeze sends out my prayer.

If you are interested in participating in the Prayer
Project click on the button in my sidebar.



  1. Nice to see you - I've missed you! This is beautiful. I will definitely check out the project.


  3. Hi stranger, so hard to blog these dayz huh...LOVE your flag, now you got my wheels turnin'...doesn't take much for me...have a great week friend!

  4. A fantastic project and a gorgeous creation. I love how you've sewn a ring over the lady's earring so it's almost 3D x

  5. Hello Dear Friend, I love this idea, I have never heard of it but it sounds so touching. I love yours, it will be special when you hear the bells. A dear friend who lost her only child says when her garden chimes make music its her son talking with her. Enjoy this spring weather. Kathy

  6. Oh this is so beautiful!!! I love this...the colors, the theme of Freeing Tibet!!! ...everything!!! I am going to check it out....Maybe I will make one too...Great job Gayle....

    XO Linda :D

  7. Its beautiful Gayle.. and def a situation worth caring about.. very sad. But wonderful to know that people like you care.

  8. Very beautiful and worthwhile. I just watched a TV film about the increase in suicides among young Tibetan monks, protesting for freedom.

  9. This is wonderful and your flag is so beautiful, so very very inspiring, i just know that i need to be part of this too,, thank you for sharing .
    Pixie x

  10. Your full of interesting projects. This one is incredible. I've missed you too. Have you seen one of my favorite movies. The last emperor.

  11. I love this idea, it has great versatility and the finished flag is really effective, you've chosen a great cause too

  12. Love this idea and your flag, Gayle! I am going to participate in this project, too. I simply have to. Always an inspiration to come here. xoxo

  13. Beautiful flag - I love the bell on it. I would love to borrow the idea...

  14. This is so interesting. Thanks for saying hello today, please be patient with me, I should be back to normal soon. RC

  15. oh this is pure exciting unabashed BEAUTY!
    thanks of inspiring me this morning. i share your prayers for peace and for tibet.
    i have been ruminating on prayer flags for far too long, time to get started!

  16. Hi Gayle...I came here this morning and ended up falling in love with the last 5? posts that I had missed...don't feel slighted, I haven't been 'round to anyone's. I can't stand how much I love your postings, I want to be the better blog writer I once was. I have been wanting to do a prayer flag of my own for forever, I am re-inspired. And the jewelry you created...HOLY moly!!! And the post of the hill of crosses...I LOVE when I learn something new, and I am totally researching this for myself, AND I want to use one of those pictures for my screen saver, do you mind?
    You are a beautiful being. ♥♥♥

  17. Saw your flag on the Prayer Flag Project blog. It is simply beautiful.

  18. love the idea of adding the bell(s)~!
    this is a beautiful flag and each of the components seems perfect.

    i found that when i made my first prayer flag (recently) that things just seemed to fall into place . . . i would think of just the right addition or stitch just when i needed it, had just exactly the right amount of remnant lace, etc . . . it seems to be such a healing process to be involved in.
    happy to have found a kindred spirit.


  19. Gorgeous prayer flag ~ I just have the Dali Lamma Prayer flags on my deck ~ I loved Tibet and Tibetan people when I went there ~ beautiful country and prayer flags all over the place ~ even up in the mountains ~ Your prayer flag is gorgeous ~~ thanks, (A Creative Harbor) Happy Weekend ^_^