Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thanks For All The Inspiration!!

OK, is this a bit better??.................

Still grey, but a dark charcoal,
sanded it a bit.........
put some wax on the top.
Maybe needs darker knobs?

A work in progress................
I need to find something to hang under the turtle shell
for better balance.
It will be fun to fill this out over time.

Thanks for all your suggestions!
It really helped to motivate me.



  1. And thank you for the inspiration too... ;) It's gorgeous in that color!

  2. I LOVE this darker color, so rich...how 'bout a leather thong of feathers n beads n shells n beach stuff hanging under the shell...I fret n fret over those bare spaces, but something always appears to complete the vignette!

  3. Wow. I feel inept next to you (and these other guys also). This is magnificent. Truly. Maybe it just takes practice? No, I'm kidding because it's obvious there is talent involved. I love it!!!

  4. I absolutely love it and think those knobs set it off perfectly. x

  5. Wow I LOVE this...and I love your idea of putting findings in the corner I just showed my Hubby and he loved the idea too...It really came out wonderful...the ceramic knobs are perfect... Great Job!! :)

  6. I'm sorry I wasn't here to motivate you but I LOVE your arrangement!!! And lo and behold...I have those same black/brown/tan pillows.

  7. i love the stories behind the stories....
    i am sharing a story with anyone who will listen, it touched me that deeply.
    it's waiting for you with a welcome chair right beside me because i could listen to this story over and over. the only thing that could make it more meaningful is to share it....

  8. That can't be the same piece...tres goth!

  9. I like very much the way you transformed this piece of furniture, it now became a real "cabinet de curiosités", magnificent!

    Amitiés de France