Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out and About

To a couple of sales this morning.....................................

Didn't buy a lot. The fencing mask was probably my favorite
Although wooden dough bowls, tobacco tins, and tiny scales
rank right up there.

I notice I tend to buy the same things over and over.
Do you do that?
Seriously..........I hardly ever even bake bread and when I do
I don't use my wooden bowls.
Why do I need so many?

I am not sure why I felt compelled to buy these,
They are marked Germany, and I think lead?
They will probably end up in some sort of project ,
On a jug?
OK, The truth? I tried to talk them up to my junking partner,
but she wasn't falling for it so I had to buy them.
Had to!!

So cute, even had the box they came in.
Can't seem to resist baby shoes.

A glass negative , 
Another thing I am strangely attracted to....................

These were two HUGE sales, lots of really good stuff.
I am not sure why I walked away with so little.
I think it probably had to do with
the fact that they both said 1/2 price on most items on Sunday.
Well, there ya go.........................
I will cross my fingers and hope that some of the things I
was interested in will still be there.........
when I go back on Sunday!! 

Did you go out junking about this weekend?
If you did I hope you had great junking company like I did,
quirky houses to wander through,
and found some great things to add to your collections!



  1. i'm drooling! in two weeks from right now...i will have been yard saleing all morning long. wish i could join you tomorrow. just picture that stuff in your hand tomorrow and how great it's gonna feel to buy it! oh...and go early

  2. I love the lil' pelicans and lead as well, how unusual is that, wish I could find some cool taxidermy out there...all in good time, right!!! I also love the glass negative...good luck with the half price Sunday!

    Have a sunny Sunday too(I hope)!!!


  3. Looks like you had fun! Great finds! Maybe you could use the bowls to showcase your jewlery. Love the pelicans!

  4. I rarely come across those negatives, good find!

  5. My favorite is the glass negative. It looks so ghostly. I've never seen one of those before. What a treasure. And I love wooden bowls. I have my grandmother's. She used it every day to make bread. I use it a lot, but not often for bread, since I have a bread machine. Something about wooden bowls that connects me to the past.

    What in the world are you going to do with a fencing mask???

  6. I find the magnificent fencing mask, and these two fowls are effectively toys for in lead children.
    I also have a big love for baby's shoes, and these are magnificent!
    Negatives, or positive, on glass plate are surprising; I have it on patches in the gélatino-bromide of silver.

    Beautiful day

  7. You did really great shopping. I wish I could be with you to hunt the treasures. Love your finds, especially the pelicans!

  8. The negative and the fencing mask are insane and totally things I'd have picked up, too.
    Do you get to go round people's houses? I'd love to do that. x

  9. Tag sales are alot of fun. I've been to a couple. I noticed auctions are a little more affordable. Must be the economy. I 'm loveing the glass slides. Those would be cool in a window.

  10. I'm sorry to tell you but from the second angle that "fencing mask" looks a lot like an ancient knight's family jewel "cup"!hehehehe!!!!xoxo-cindy

  11. You always find amazing the baby shoes!!!Hugs,Cat

  12. Yes, yes I did have my own Junquing Adventure this Weekend, great time, great Scores. I had to smile at another comment by Cindy... because I too thought the Fencing Mask was an Antique "Cup" *LOL*...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Love the fencing mask (familiy jewel "cup", oh my, only in the land of American Football you can think of that...LOL...), the negative and the pelicans. Have a great sunday!