Sunday, November 13, 2011

ODDFELLOWS......."on my bench"

Bits and pieces of Oddfellow medals,
Old shoebutton
 Lourdes medal,
Watch/clock key
Antique agate bead

Oddfellow medallion
Clay beads from Steph
Old tapemeasure 
Jasper with fossils in it (Steph)
Antique agate bead

I have wanted to use this old tapemeasure in a piece of jewelry for a long time.
I have seen a lot of gals out there doing some wrapping with strips of saris
and other fabric but this old dingy tape 
just happened to suit my color palette .

The fraternal organization Oddfellows
dates back to the 18th century.
You can easily find their history online if you are at all interested.
I just really like their OLD medals and jewelry.
Something about that big funky eye??
I have a few more pieces of old broken Oddfellow ribbon holders that I have picked up.......
So will probably make a couple more pieces.


  1. Beautiful! I love your use of measuretape, and boy, you have such an eye!! Old measuretape belongs to the things I can't resist when I see it on fleamarkets and such. I always think I can use some in jewelry, but so far I haven't. Great work! xo Janna

  2. love! please come show me! :) xoxox jennette

  3. omg do you know deb of whats deb doing????!!!! how??!! so small world! xoxojennette

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooh LOVE THEM!
    My favorite is the second one and not because of my bead, the focal and the tapemeasure just won my heart! And the two necklaces together look awesome... And thank you for using my beads! :))) Big Hugs to you!

  5. My goodness that is soooo PRETTY!!!

  6. Oooooooooooooooo...ME TOO...LUV them both, I'm a huge fan of Oddfellow stuff, I have two old ceremony aprons that I've been hoarding for a lampshade...maybe you've just inspired this ODDFELLOW...ha!

    I just picked up a string of small harness buckles that I thought would be fun to play with...if I ever get the time...per usual!

    See ya...xo...

  7. Wowee!!! You've been busy and have a lovely piece to show for it. I like the eye, too. Mysterious. 18th century, eh? Pretty cool. I spent the weekend finishing up this year's holiday cards. Now I just have to address them...

  8. These are all fabulous!!! WOW! It makes me want to make jewelry. And I love the way you've displayed them on the old Longfellow book. Very cool!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!!! I don't know many people who have gotten married in the cold weather like we did. And boy did it pour! I just love your unique jewelry! You really know how to create such interesting one of a kinds pieces:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. I love this necklace!! I loved the use to the tape measure too...I have an old one I got from my dad-in-law that I have been looking for the perfect may have sparked an idea!! Beautiful work!!

    Linda :)

  11. Hi Gayle. I love old Oddfellows things and haven't seen much lately. I, too, love the eye! You have created a wonderful piece!!

  12. Your Jewelry Creations always tell such an interesting and fascinating Story... love it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. You are so talented, they are each so wonderful. I love your combination and esp. the beads. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  14. OOOH I think I may have drooled on the computer a this work,every inch,tells a story!!Hugs,Cat

  15. Love all that old imagery from the fraternal organizations too...(some of those peeps were downright creepy though!). What a brilliant use of the tape measure!


  16. It’s always a pleasure seeing what you are up to. I'm a huge fan of Oddfellow stuff too! These jewelry creations are awesome! LOVE them both!!!

  17. That is simply stunning. You've created a fabulous piece from other people's cast offs and it works beautifully. I'm going to have to tip out a few drawers and trinket pots I've got lying around because I need a necklace like that in my life.
    Thanks for the inspiration. x

  18. Thanks for stopping by today and your sweet comment about my new banner. Oddly enough the Family resisted when I said I was taking Autumn down earlier than usual & asked for me not to break with Tradition & keep it up as we usually do, until the Day after Thanksgiving... so I shall.

    It will mean less time to decorate for Christmas during a hectic Working Schedule, so I'm thankful I've chosen the Salvage Christmas Theme to make it easy and effortless. *Winks* So... you're at a loss huh? May I make a suggestion? I envision your Tree this year complimenting your Artistic Talent of making those beyond fabulous Memory Jugs... how about a "Memory Tree"? Styled in much the same way that you Style your Jugs... I think that would be unique and AWESOME... well, something I for one would be eager to see the results of if you go in that direction! *Winks* Whatever you decide to throw at the Tree this year I Hope you will be sharing it so we can all see and be Inspired...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian