Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Memory Folk Art

NOT A JUG...............BUT WHAT?

I am not really sure what this piece was created on.
It's not a typical jug,
and it was built on a plate.

 Interesting old bottle, and of course...
a peach pit!!
I swear.....peaches must have been a novelty!!


The seller of this piece dated it "1950-1959".
I assume because there are two Canadian pennies on it,
one dated 1950, and the other 1959.
I don't think these pennies are original to the piece ,
there is no paint on them and I think they were added
at a much later date.

Sweet angel on top,
has a bit of a broken wing.

Bottom of the plate.

I think this is a turn of the century piece,  with the two
pennies added later.
There are some really fun bits and pieces on this 
piece of memoryware,
(I really like the egg)
and I haven't seen one made this way before.  
I have no idea what was used as
the foundation.

Any ideas?



  1. These memory pieces are a real curiosity to me. I've never seen them "in person" anywhere. So odd and interesting. What kind of glue do they use to keep everything stuck on? What kind of paint to paint it with? Interesting...kind of like a grownup's version of the macaroni cigar boxes that kids make.

  2. Wow- this is pretty cool! I've never seen these before, and I think I have junk envy...

  3. I was just admiring your header when I saw this post. I found a great memory jug earlier this year based on a similar era piece, but yours is a very interesting shape. I first thought it was an upside down cache pot, but with the mark on the base I'm now wondering if it's two pieces put together, (a pot of some sort upside down on a plate and covered over with the clay?). Very cool!