Thursday, September 22, 2011

Indian Fabric Boho Bag

First project from the Indian fabric........................................

My goal with this purse/bag was 
to end up with a lightweight,
medium size purse/bag that was
colorful with an ethnic vibe,
relatively inexpensive, and fairly easy to make
since sewing is not my first love........:)
After trying to make my own pattern, I finally bought one.
I used Butterick pattern B5449,
one of their easy  cheap ones......$2.99.
So with $20.00 for the fabric my total
cost was $22.99 plus tax.
Everything else used was materials on hand.
The lining was an old paisley shawl, bought long ago.
it was orange and I dyed it to match fabric.  

What I learned:
This fabric has little glass mirrors in it, and they
seem to want to be right in the path of the sewing machine needle.
You can avoid some by pattern layout, but not all.
Yow will have to watch for them and remove any that are in 
your seam path.
Second........I suck at making tassels. And it's not really something I plan on
taking the time to get good at.
So..................I am going to be looking for replacements.
I think I saw some on Etsy,  I will be heading over there to have another look.
I am really happy with this bag, think I will get a lot of use out 
of it, and it's medium size is perfect for me .

If you want to see some really great bags, with price tags to match,
have a look here.
Beautiful, but not in my budget........
Under $25 works for me everytime!!!



  1. Gayle, it's gorgeous and looks very functional... I love it... and I can't see what is wrong with the tassels, they look neat to me...

  2. The thought of sewing makes me break out in hives...ewwww...but I love to see others creations and this one is a beauty!!! Takes me right back to the 60's...great job girl!

    However, I have a bunch of these really cool old velvet tapestries, probably 2'x3', they don't sell anymore, so I'm going to whip up a bunch of boho-style pillows with them, maybe adding some tassels too. Most of mine have animals of some sort on huh...

    I'm having serious writers block this week...hence the slow blogging, with open houses and working on dogs, my days are just too interrupted! But I have next Saturday off...A MIRACLE...a friend volunteered to work, her husband's out of town...YIPPEE!!!

  3. dcccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, (Whoooopsy! My cat says hello!)
    Karl Otto (one of my cats) obviously loves this bag, and so do I! This is the kind of bag I would always take with me. Grrrrrrreat job! The tassels are perfect - at least they seem to be. Why do you want to replace them?!

  4. This is a GREAT bag! A couple of years ago I saw one in the Sundance catalog that was vey similar to this. It was $100 and you couldn't choose the color since they were all unique (also Indian fabric). Even if i wanted to spend that much on a bag I wouldn't take a chance on getting a color I didn't like. I now want one like yours!

  5. Gayle, What a beautiful bag!! That came out great> Yours is better then the ones on the site.Neat neat!

  6. This is extraordinary, Gayle! I think you met your goal and then some. Tassels are easy once you know the tricks. Wish we lived closer -- we could have an afternoon of tassels and tea...

  7. What a beautiful bag...I love the fabrics...You did an wonderful job on this...You have inspired me to make my own with some sari pieces I have!!!

    Peace :)

  8. hi there, i just love , love, love ur blog! i was wondering - do you sell any of the jewelry you make? there r a couple of pics just under ur header on the right hand side of ur blog, of 2 necklaces that r incredible! any thing like that coming up for purchasing? u r ssssoooooo incredibly talented! I love the way you interpret re-modelled pieces- its wearable art!warmest regards- jodi.x

  9. Kudos - the bag is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. That bag is fabulous! I am rubbish at making stuff. Well done xx

  11. Beautiful! I bought an East Indian Hippie inspired Boho Bag last year, it was so 60's & they had a great price on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my Dark Post & your sweet words... you know the funny thing about this Ole' House when we purchased it was that it had rumors of allegedly being haunted and the street we live on is Hill {no kidding} and so I INSTANTLY thought of that old Movie, which is a cult classic of mine... too funny, right... that I'd end up in an old Hill House of my own all these years later!!! *LOL* Great for the Legend... thankfully my Old House is not as creepy as the one in that Movie! *whew*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. You did an excellent job on this! It's just beautiful!

    Thank you for popping by for a visit and the birthday wishes!!


  13. Waouuuu !! Gorgeous !! One of my fav' !! Tribal bags are making me crazy nowadays !! xoxox

  14. The bag is awesome and that includes the tassels!