Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I think I need this..................

We just redid two of the raised beds in our garden.....
a mole had gotten in and raised havoc ,
so as the peas ended we dug out the beds and put down wire
to keep them out.
As each bed finishes we will redo it.
A lot of work all because of a mole!!!
Then I found this on Pinterset..........
When I showed these pictures to Gary he just groaned.
Please Gary, I NEED this!!
I think our vegetables will taste so much better
if we have this..........


  1. There's something very similar just round the corner from us, specially built a fortnight ago for a wedding photo backdrop. Quite fancy one in our garden, too! x

  2. Exactly what I desire too! There's a garden centre near us that sells "follies" almost identical to the one in your picture, perhaps a bit sturdier, but I daren't ask the price.

  3. a mole has reaked havoc in my garden too, pest. I think you definitely need your own garden ruin!!

  4. I was so envious...then, oh...Pintrest! My husband would also groan, although he's love it in theory! Gorgeous brickwork...I want it, too!

  5. Your vegetables would DEFINITELY taste better with that in your garden. And your flowers would bloom more, too. Tell Gary when he's done with yours, he needs to come to Vegas and build one for me!

  6. I need you to have this! I am shopping for old church windows asap!

  7. Wow, it's beautiful. Gary should do this for you... for nutritional reasons, of course.

  8. Tell Gary he is not to show Steve!

  9. Yes, she needs it Gary! And you'll have time next year! ;)

  10. Oh Holy Cow! Everyone needs this!!! Don't they?
    I need a Gary...

  11. This rates as a gotta have.....way beyond need. I would dearly love to have this in my back yard. Great photo.,

  12. Oh my, Gary she needs
    I need this!
    Love love. It's gorgeous!