Wednesday, June 19, 2013


MY BEE BAROMETER.................?

Our front yard is planted with Blue Star Creeper.
What started out as a memorial of sorts to my Grandmother,
(she had a "blue lawn")
became over the years our answer to conserving water, and not using fertilizers.
The last few years it has been a "bee gauge" of sorts.
We used to have to warn children not to walk or play on the "blue  lawn"
unless they had shoes on, because they were likely to get stung.
It wasn't unusual to have several types of bees working it at a time,
and the buzzing was actually quite noticeable.
This year......... not many bees at all.
niche update:
We finally got the niche placed in the yard, but
haven't been able to find a madonna to put in it.



  1. Just watched an interesting documentary on Netflix (streaming) called "Queen of the Sun" about bees. Another viewing suggestion for you...

  2. I think we must have all your bees this summer, I've never seen so many!
    Love your blue star lawn, something I've never seen before. That niche is so cute. xxx

  3. WOW, simply beautiful...we have a creeper called Creeping Charlie, it's a pain and takes over everything, but this year I noticed all the honey bees all over it and had a moment of this 'weed' is a staple in my yard to feed the dwindling masses.

    My garden looks terrible, no heat, no sun...ARGH!!!

  4. Love your grandma lawn. So very sweet.

  5. Beautiful lawn! I do my best for these insects too - mine are the only gardens in our row of 6 houses that are full of flowers for bees - the sound of them buzzing is all around. I wish other people would do the same.

  6. I miss this place! Thanks for sharing those photos! :)

  7. I'm glad I found this site..we are just preparing to plant Blue Star in our back yard to replace a lawn here in So. Calif. where we are on water allotment and in drought. Yours looks amazing!