Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A BIT OF JUNKING.............

First I found this vintage Pendleton blanket,
actually probably considered a "shawl" since it has fringe on
all four sides.
Then I found this "death" doll.
This doll isn't all that old, but I think the textiles
used to make it are much older.
Tourist trade?
No matter........I like it!!


  1. I sometimes find little dolls like this here in the UK - like you I assume they are made from old textiles and are souvenirs. I didn't know they are known as "death dolls", though.

  2. I like it also. It's pretty cool. I'm saving up to buy a Pendleton blanket btw.

  3. That blanket is gorgeous, I'd have to wear that as a shawl, the cats would ruin it.
    That doll looks like one of those Guatemalan worry dolls, very sweet! x

  4. I like the doll... Always something delightfully creepy about dolls, but I'm kinda odd like that :)

  5. oh i love the death doll what a great find, ive never seen anything like this, creepy yet cute!

  6. Never heard the term 'death doll'
    Junking is the best fun, and imagining what you will do with the treasures you find...
    Read your post below and watched some of the doc...
    will finish it later...very well done and I cannot believe I was in the dark about it.
    Wal-mart is the worst invention ever.
    Love to you Gayle♥

  7. Hi Gayle...Hope all is well...Great finds...I love that little doll..I have never heard of a death doll either...That Pendelton is a great find as well.....I love the design on it...


  8. Wow, the blanket is wonderful and the doll goes without saying, you just find the besties!

  9. Where in the world do you find this stuff? Sooo wonderful.

  10. between the planning and sharing of dia de los muertos in san miguel to the preparations for a jan. return to host flora bowley's bloom true, i have been away from my blog friends!
    in the spirit of connect sharing the light of the season i am once again hosting A Virgin a Day for the first 12 days of december leading up to mary's feast day.
    i am calling out all mary lovers to share some beauty, calm, and light!
    hope you will share some of your gorgeous marys.
    i love love love this meme perhaps the most.
    every offering a delight and surprise!

  11. I love vintage western, but what exactly is a death doll?
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. Pendleton is always a great find and the shawl is beautiful. I love the doll too, I wouldn't have known it was a death doll, I need to know more about those! xxx

  13. The doll is absolutely amazing and the blanket looks fantastic too. Gorgeous finds, Gayle!